Online Safety

Online Safety

One of the reasons online safety is important is to prevent online bullying.

Online bullying, also called cyberbullying is when an individual uses technology to post, send, or publish content online with the intention to harm another individual. It is repeated aggressive behaviour that usually stems from a power imbalance regarding the individuals involved.


  • Bullying online takes many forms including;
  • Name calling online
  • Sending unwanted messages online
  • Using fake accounts to harass people
  • Spreading rumors or lies online

Where does it occur?

  • On social media platforms and messaging applications such as;
  • Facebook
  • Viber
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Messenger
  • Text messages

What to do if you are being bullied online

  • Don’t reply, especially if it is a stranger or a fake profile
  • Don’t attack the person back and give the bully the satisfaction of a reaction
  • If you must reply and it is safe to respond, have a conversation and try to talk with the person privately to try and work things out
  • Talk to someone you trust, a great support system can be a lot of help
  • Block the online user or phone number on the social media platform
  • Report the content on the social media platform
  • Save any messages or images in case you may need it later for evidence
  • Contact the Online Safety Commission for help with any of the above