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Aug 05

Online Safety Champions Pilot

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A pilot programme to help us stay safe and secure online.

The Commission embarked on an online safety champions programme to help community members, parents, advocates and university students learn more about how they could be safe online during this lockdown period.

We can all feel how quickly we had to adapt to our “new normal” after the April wave of this pandemic. Many of us find ourselves working from home, helping our children with their online learning, and even picking up some new dance moves through these Tik Tok videos.

And it’s all fun and exciting but there are some things that seem to make us wonder about how safe we really are on these digital platforms. That is what this seven week programme was all about. Introducing participants to various topics such as image based abuse, gaming online, abhorrent content, keeping our children safe online and much more.

Throughout the programme, participants had the opportunity to engage with the Commission more effectively, meeting virtually once a week to learn or explore various topics, discuss their experiences, share information on the OSC Facebook page, and learn how to report to the OSC.

Sign up today to join the Online Safety Community and find our how you too can be an online safety champion!

Feb 17

New Regional Partner

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17 February 2021

New Australian Alliance For A Safer Online Environment

Fiji’s Online Safety Commission has recently formed an allegiance with Australia’s Office of the eSafety Commissioner to tackle the growing concern of online abuse.
Supported by the Vuvale Partnership between the two nations through Australia’s Cyber Cooperation Program, the partnership will kick off with a Commissioner-to-Commissioner conversation about online safety and its impacts between the two nations.

The Online Safety Commissioner, Anne Dunn, said “Fiji and Australia share a commitment to creating a safe and empowering online culture among our citizens. In the absence of real-time content regulation from the social media companies, Fiji has taken on the responsibility of tracking online abuse and instituting a cultural shift towards safe online environments, and we are very keen to strengthen that effort with support from the Australian office of the eSafety Commissioner.”

As the country continues to rapidly increase in accessing technology and the online world, we must also take heed of extending the Bula Spirit we offer within our borders to the online communities we are a part of.
Australia’s High Commissioner to Fiji, John Feakes, said this partnership is an example of Australia’s strong commitment to its vuvale in Fiji to work together to keep our citizens safe while connecting with the online world.
“Working together to enable a safe and inclusive online environment will ensure that everyone can benefit from the opportunities digital connectivity provides.”

The aim of this cooperation is to utilise the wealth of experience of the Office of the eSafety Commissioner in online safety and best practices in collaboration with the Online Safety Commission to deliver specific initiatives with local content to help build and nurture online safety strategies that would strengthen our responses to online abuse.


For more information, contact (679) 9980231 or email [email protected]

Feb 09

Safer Internet Day 2021

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Safer Internet Day is celebrated around the world to spark intentional conversation around being safe online. This event started in the UK in 2004 and continues to grow as technology expands to our everyday lives. And next year we bring it closer to home with #fijiforsaferinternet.

2020 continues to remind us that the internet is here to stay. And Fiji is no different, individuals across the islands communicate with family and friends through online apps and the internet daily, we share photos, make and edit videos, and even search for some of the best entertainment on our mobile devices.

Safer Internet Day is a call to nations, businesses, NGOs, CSOs, and individuals to create a better and safer internet for all of us by being proactive and learning about the ways we can be responsible digital citizens today.

Join the conversation today and let us know how you are helping make the internet a safer place!

#fijiforsaferinternet #saferinternetdayfiji #fijisid21

Jan 14

Partnership With Law Enforcement

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14 January 2020

Commission & Law Enforcement Fight For Fiji’s Safer Online Environment

After a year of establishment, Fiji’s Online Safety Commission is excited to announce that they’ve signed a memorandum of understanding with Fiji’s law enforcement agency to better protect individuals online.

The online landscape for Fiji is growing rapidly. And individuals continue to use the internet, social media, and other online platforms as part of their daily life experiences. The Commission was established to provide a space for individuals to raise their concerns of online abuse and find an appropriate form of redress.

This memorandum of understanding with Fiji’s law enforcement is put together with the intention of finding the best suited resolution for each matter. It is expected to be a long standing collaboration between the two agencies to provide Fijians with an avenue of resolving online abuse such as online bullying, image based abuse and much more.

The aim of this opportunity is to work in collaboration to resolve serious online abuse and work towards a strategy for raising community awareness to be safe online.

It was also important that this agreement allows for the ability for individuals who are faced with traumatic online abuse experiences to lodge a report with their nearest local police post. There has been a challenge of lodging reports with the Commission but in signing this agreement, individuals have an additional mechanism of visiting their nearest police post to lodge their report.

And Fijians can report directly online at www.onlinesafetycommisson.com or call the Commission’s complaints mobile (679) 9980242.


For more information, contact (679) 9980231 or email [email protected]


Oct 02

Pacific Online Safety Workshop

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Increased access to technology across our communities has given Fijians the opportunity to engage with online platforms such as social media more and more. With this, comes the reality of developing online safety habits that would help us build and cultivate a safe online culture for all Fijians.

Last month, the OSC along with delegates from Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu attended an online safety workshop hosted by Australia’s Office of the eSafety Commissioner and New Zealand’s Netsafe NZ to glean from the expertise and experiences of our neighboring countries. The workshop included learning Australia’s approach to tackling online bullying, image based abuse and other prohibited content from representatives from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, the Australian Federal Police and their Attorney-General’s Department.

With the support of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and their Cyber Cooperation Program, attending the workshop coincided with being an attendee at the 2019 eSafety Conference where global participants shared great insights into online safety practices and ways to look forward to develop the “online world we want”, as rightfully themed.

Credit: DFAT Australia

Photo Credit: DFAT Australia



Jul 03

TOPEX 2019

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This year Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation (FCEF) hosted their annual Top Executives Conference from 26 to 27 July 2019. The theme of the conference was “transforming Fiji – the business perspective”. It was opened by the influential Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development, Industry, Trade and Tourism. The conference organizing committee invited speakers from various backgrounds to present on topics such as the new era of collaboration, advancing leaders vision for Fiji, equality, revolutionizing workplace practice and transformative social media.

The Commission was able to participate in the panel discussion about transformative social media. Panelists talked about how social media has shifted the power from institutions to the people, how it can affect the way businesses conduct their marketing strategies and also how social media should be a place for building communities rather than tearing them down.

The two day conference provided a space for executives to collaborate, innovate and network with other counter parts to inspire a dialogue of how businesses, state institutions, non governmental organizations, and civil society organizations can transform Fiji from the business perspective.