About Online Safety Commission

About Us

The Online Safety Commission (OSC) empowers Fijians to be responsible and safe online. It also provides Fijians a space to resolve concerns with respect to online abuse such as online bullying, internet trolling or image based abuse.


Fiji for safer internet


To educate Fijians on using digital spaces safely and responsibly. And establishing lead support for individuals facing harmful online communication.


  • People – Nurturing a safe online environment for our nation is a collaborative effort by people from every part of Fiji.
  • Collaboration – Working together with government agencies, non-governmental organisations, regional frameworks, international bodies and other stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes for Fijians.
  • Confidentiality – Treating information with the highest regard for privacy and discretion.
  • Innovation – Designing and addressing systems and processes that would encourage digital literacy throughout Fiji.