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Online Safety & Covid-19

Stay safe online, stay home, wash your hands, and remain vigilant. Many of us are online more often now, receiving news on different online platforms, engaging in working from home methods, surfing entertainment platforms and more. We urge you to be safe when interacting online. Be cautious about engaging with individuals that you may not know offline. Make sure to double check news about the virus with notable resources such as the World Health Organisation. And report online abuse because a safer online journey begins with you.

Child Abuse Online

In the rapidly evolving technological world we live in today and the increasing mobile connectivity around the country, children are exposed to more than what most adults were at their age. In addition, the covid-19 pandemic gives a rise to children accessing online platforms for education, entertainment and much more. We encourage parents to take heed of parental safety tips that can help protect our children online. Educators are also urged to familiarise themselves with their duties as child carers in continuing to shape the minds of our future. 

Social Media Tips

Be aware of who your are engaging with online

Use two-step authentication to protect from others having access to your profile

Use strong password or codes and don’t share them with anyone

Regularly check your privacy settings on your platforms

Turn off location feature on the social media platform

Consider double checking who you are sharing personal information with and always make sure that you are on secure sites and platforms when entering bank details.

Our Ambassadors

As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing OnlineSpace

Newton Lee

The Online Safety Commission

The OSC promotes online safety habits in community engagements, school awareness and more.

It is also a leading support for individuals facing online abuse such as...

  • Online Bullying
  • Online Stalking
  • Image Based Abuse

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The OSC is responsible to promoting online safety around Fiji and in doing so, this year we began working with different agencies to raise awareness in high school, universities, workshops, and conferences.

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University Campuses

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Before Lodging A Complaint

If your complaint relates to content on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter then first report and it is related to abusive content or a violation of your privacy such as a undesired post of a photo or video of you or your child  then first report this on the social media platform. Follow the links below for instructions of how to report:

Lodge a complaint

If you are being bullied online you may lodge a report with the commission to assess and advise on the best steps to take to address the issue.

mSafe from Vodafone

Also involved in sharing about online safety is an initiative by Fiji Police and Vodafone ATH Foundation who launched an SMS or text message channel for Vodafone users around the country to create a safer, secure, smarter community. It’s a free subscription that keeps you up to date with online safety tips and much more.

You can easily tune into the channel by dialling *679# on your device and pressing the call button, this will bring you to various prompts that you can follow to subscribe to the mSafe channel today!